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Green hydrogen Sustainable operations for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Future-proof your business with green Hydrogen
The green Hydrogen produced by Apter Power electrolyzers is versatile, with applications in small and large industry, transportation, and power. We design modular hydrogen solutions that help your business maximize operational efficiency, energy security, cost reduction, and sustainability.
Achieve operational resilience and long-term business sustainability
The majority of today’s Hydrogen is produced with polluting natural gas. By switching from polluting gray or brown Hydrogen to emissions-free green Hydrogen, global industries can accelerate toward carbon-reduction goals.
Ammonia production
Steel and iron processing
Methanol production
Petroleum refining
Produced with 100% renewable energy, green Hydrogen can help your business decarbonize operations while ensuring reliable long-term Hydrogen supply.
Benefits of green Hydrogen:
Stabilize your Hydrogen supply
Decrease dependence on imported natural gas
Ensure continuity of service
Increase control over operational costs
Make progress toward carbon reduction targets
Decarbonize your fleet with sustainable, emissions-free fuel
The transportation sector is a significant contributor to global CO2 emissions. In the form of fuel by fuel cells or combustion engines, Hydrogen can be used as a sustainable alternative to gasoline or diesel. Green Hydrogen - produced by 100% renewable energy - is an emissions-free option for both large and small transportation applications.
Light duty passenger vehicles
Heavy duty vehicles such as trucks and buses
Maritime transportation
Benefits of green Hydrogen:
Replace polluting fuels like diesel and gasoline with emissions-free Hydrogen
Benefit from longer range, faster refueling, and higher payload than EVs
Produce Hydrogen-derived synfuels such as green ammonia, and methanol
Reduce dependence on imported oil
Maximize energy reliability with increased flexibility
Because it can be stored for long periods and converted to electricity on demand, hydrogen is used as a form of reliable energy storage. The added flexibility and energy resilience that it provides can benefit a wide range of commercial to grid-sized customers.
Electric utilities
Critical infrastructure (hospitals, data centers, telecom towers, etc.)
‍Stored green hydrogen - produced by 100% renewable energy - helps utilities mitigate renewable energy intermittency and other grid reliability issues. Green Hydrogen provides critical backup power and creates a path to a more sustainable power grid.
Benefits of green hydrogen:
Maximize renewable energy integration
Stabilize fluctuations in power generation and power consumption
Provide back-up power for grid disruptions
Increase flexibility
About Apter Power
Apter Power, a technological expert at the service of green hydrogen, develops cutting-edge technologies to design and produce PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolysers to meet new uses of hydrogen in mobility
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