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Electrocatalysts and inks for PEM electrolyzers

Proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology is used to produce electrolyzers.
In a PEM electrolyzer, electricity is used in the presence of iridium and platinum based catalysts to split water into its constituent elements; hydrogen and oxygen. If the electrolyzer uses electricity from renewable sources, the hydrogen formed is classified as "green hydrogen," meaning it has a 0% carbon footprint. Renewable energy is often intermittent, and PEM technology has the fastest response time among similar technologies, making it ideal for use with renewable energy. Most of the time, renewable energy is being produced but not utilized, and the use of electrolysis allows this energy to be captured and stored.
We have developed a new catalyst for PEM technology with higher durability and improved electrochemical performance, which will help further the adoption of this important technology to combat climate change.
Proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology relies on catalysts, platinum, iridium and alloys containing PGM. It is the use of heterogeneous platinum group metal catalysts that enables PEM technology to provide excellent flexibility (such as fast start-up) and high levels of performance at ambient temperatures. 
PGM is a relatively rare metal that trades at relatively high prices. To alleviate this, metals are used in finely dispersed form to maximize the surface area to volume ratio.
Water electrolyzer application to manufacture ink or paste
The unique process produces a truly tight alloy of iridium and ruthenium, which means the ruthenium is stable in the catalyst layer and provides synergistic benefits in terms of performance. It also provides a noticeable improvement in durability under the harsh conditions of electrolyzer anodes.
Customized services (PEM membrane electrodes) are available to help you meet more challenging requirements.
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We are technical specialists in green hydrogen services, and developing cutting-edge technologies to design and produce PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyzers to meet the new uses of hydrogen in the fields of transportation, industry and energy storage. Relying on strong R & D and rigorous manufacturing processes to provide its customers with competitive and reliable systems to meet users needs, we develop technical solutions are particularly suited for renewable energy, demonstrating high efficiency and performance to produce Green hydrogen, the only net zero -energy -consuming gas, uses renewable electricity and water.
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