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Catalyst Coating Membrane Electrode Assembly of PEM Electrolyzer

Membrane electrode assembly (MEA) is the electrochemical core of proton exchange membrane (PEM)
In addition to superior performance and precious metal content suitable for application requirements, our product line is designed to achieve longer service life and reliable operation in field conditions.
Our PEM electrolyzer MEA can be used in automotive, mobile, portable, CHP and electrolytic applications.  MEA can be customized to specific customer requirements in terms of stack size, stack design, and operating conditions.  This will enable our customers to reduce time to market.
Our MEA for PEM water electrolysis applications provides electrochemical solutions on the basis of sustainable power generation!
• Hydrogen will play a key role in the energy transition.
• Hydrogen is essential for decarbonizing a wide range of highly polluting industries, including heavy industry, transport and power generation.
• A large amount of research and development is required to scale effectively and competitively.
• The difference lies in technical solutions that manage the inherent intermittency of renewable energy, handle power spikes, reduce maintenance costs and reduce installation floor space.
• We leverage strong R&D and scalable cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with competitive, reliable systems to meet their specific needs.
We move forward together with our customers, combining technical expertise and personalized support. We focus on sharing, innovation, improvement and initiative.
Who are we
We are practitioners in the field of proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis, specializing in the design and assembly of electrolyzers for the green hydrogen production. We serve industrial and energy markets around the world with our innovative spirit and cutting-edge technological knowledge.
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