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PEM ElectrolyserRenewable Generation & Storage

Renewable energy is now the world’s least expensive source of energy and will continue to decline in cost for years to come.Apter power’s PEM electrolyzers use 100% renewable energy to safely produce green Hydrogen, a flexible resource that has the capacity to decarbonize industries worldwide.

  • Rapid response hight efficiency

    Hydrogen purity (99.9995%) and compatibility with mobile fuel cell applications.

  • Modularity versatility

    Modular structure allows flexibility of sizing using well proven technology and design

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    Customers can ensure best operational support with our excellent 24/7 after sales support.

Accelerating the global energy transition with green hydrogen
  • How we do it

    We move forward together with our customers, combining technological expertise and personalised support. We focus on sharing, innovating, improving and taking initiative together.


    Green hydrogen is a promising key to accelerating the energy and environmental transition towards carbon neutrality. We have the opportunity to act now in the race against climate change by reaching industrial scale to make a difference.

Made without fossil fuels

Green hydrogen can help bring the world to net-zero emissions

  • 1Totally Sustainable
  • 2Uses Renewables

Hydrogen Production By Electrolysis

Leverage proven PEM-based electrolyzer technology for safe, efficient Hydrogen production.

  • Enhance the utilisation of renewable energy
  • Green Hydrogen is the only true clean fuel available on the market
  • Using just water and renewable energy
  • PEM electrolysers produce the only truly clean kind of hydrogen
  • Water vapour and oxygen, vented into the atmosphere with no negative impact.

Modular PEM Electrolyser

Our PEM system technical advantages

  • CaptureDifferential pressure design (<1bar for O2, up to 30barg for H2)
  • AdvantagesImproved process result: purity H2 (99.9995%)
  • Production on demand when required (0 to 100% turndown)
  • Rapid response enables participation in primary and secondary grid balancing markets
    Modular structure allows flexibility of sizing using well proven technology and design
    Hydrogen purity suitable for use in fuel cell ve

PEM technology

  • During PEM electrolysis, electricity is used to split water molecules (H2O) into Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2).
  • Electric current is applied, which splits the water into Hydrogen ions (protons), electrons, and oxygen.
  • The Hydrogen protons get conducted through the proton exchange membrane to the cathode, where they react with electrons from the power supply to form Hydrogen gas.
  • PEM electrolysers can rapidly react to fluctuations typical of renewable power generation, making the technology ideally suited for grid balancing and meeting energy deficits.

Sustainable operations for today, tomorrow,and beyond.

  • Proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers.
  • Flexible, Scalable, Fast to deploy.
  • Simple installation and low maintenance.
  • The modular design lets you stack PEM electrolyzers to produce any amount of green hydrogen. Great for small refueling stations, seasonal energy storage, commercial and industrial applications. Hydrogen that never sleeps.
Electrolyser technology

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