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Net Zero

Green Hydrogen is produced with electricity powered by 100% renewable energy. What鈥檚 more, the production of green Hydrogen does not emit any polluting greenhouse gases.

The RaceTo Net Zero

How it Works

The Role Of The PEM Electrolyser In Decarbonising Industry And Reaching Net-Zero.
  • Mature Technology

    We manufacture market-leading electrolysers which help mobility, industrial chemistry and Power-to-Gas industries decarbonise by harnessing the Power of Green Hydrogen.
  • Versatility

    The race to net-zero is on, with Green Hydrogen playing a leading role.
    If the world is to achieve carbon neutrality, it must undergo a radical transformation.
  • Safe operation

    PEM electrolysers enable the storage of excess energy that would typically be sold off to the market at a financial loss鈥攐r not harnessed at all鈥攁nd instead store that energy to sell into a new green hydrogen market. They can also be used to decarbonise multiple sectors including zero-emission transportation, industrial processes, and the green chemicals sector.
  • A road to net-zero

    Renewables are unable to generate electricity on demand, but our PEM electrolyser technology can convert green electricity to green hydrogen for storage and use as and when needed. As the cost of renewable electricity continues to fall, a greater amount of green hydrogen will be produced.

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