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Green hydrogen is not only produced by renewable energy, but its flexibility and responsiveness can help mitigate fluctuations in electricity caused by renewable energy.

WhyGreen Hydrogen

Zero Emissions

Green Hydrogen is the only true clean fuel available on the market, making it the best solution to tackle the climate crisis.
  • Totally Sustainable

    Using just water and renewable energy, our PEM electrolysers produce the only truly clean kind of hydrogen 鈥 green. The only by-product is oxygen, which, like hydrogen, can also be utilised by industry, or vented into the atmosphere with no negative impact.
  • Uses Renewables

    Renewables are unable to generate electricity on demand, but our PEM electrolyser technology can convert green electricity to green hydrogen for storage and use as and when needed. As the cost of renewable electricity continues to fall, a greater amount of green hydrogen will be produced.
  • Power of Green Hydrogen

    Hydrogen is the single most abundant chemical element in the universe. Although present on Earth, it does not occur in large enough quantities to be captured cost-competitively. Therefore, in order to harness the power of hydrogen, it needs to be extracted from hydrocarbons or water.

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