Generate Green Hydrogen 
Through PEM Water Electrolysis
Our is a technical specialist in Green Hydrogen Services, developing cutting-edge technology to design and produce PEM (proton exchange membrane) electrolyzers to meet new uses of hydrogen in transportation, industry and energy storage.
Relying on strong research and development and rigorous manufacturing processes to provide its customers with competitive, reliable systems to meet user needs.

Our electrolysers are powered by renewable energy and use our market-leading PEM technology which creates the purest green hydrogen on the market
  • CO₂ neutral mobility
    Mobility leaves a footprint - at least up to now. Hydrogen from our PEM electrolysis can be used directly for fuel cells and is therefore emission-free and climate-friendly. That makes traffic cleaner and quieter. Power-to-X processes make it possible to generate fuels for aircraft or ships.
  • Raw material for industrial goods
    Mixing carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) produces a high-quality syngas. This is a pioneering process for capturing CO2 emissions and using them to produce the chemical building blocks for chemicals, polymers or synthetic fuels. Even the production of ammonia (NH3), the main ingredient for mineral fertilizers, is possible with climate-friendly green hydrogen.
  • Decarbonization of industrial processes
    The production and processing of raw materials and goods requires large amounts of energy. Hydrogen can improve the CO2 balance of these processes, e.g. heating of kilns in glass, cement or steel production. Feeding hydrogen into the natural gas network at rates of up to 10 % and more is possible and provides a long-term energy storage solution.
  • Energy storage for balancing the power grid
    Surplus electricity is converted into green hydrogen via electrolysis with water. This can be stored conveniently and over a long period of time in the natural gas grid or in tanks, and accessed again when renewables aren’t available.
  • Decarbonization of domestic energy systems
    Electrolysis produces not only hydrogen, but also ca 50 °C heat as a by-product. This is valuable energy that can be fed into the district heating network or used directly to heat residential and commercial premises. Fuel cell heating systems also benefit from the principle of cogen.
  • Green hydrogen for decarbonisation
    Green hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water using renewable electricity and generates only hydrogen and oxygen. It is very effective for decarbonisation in many different industries, either as an alternative energy carrier, for large-scale long-term energy storage.
Driving scale and efficiency in the PEM electrolysers of today and the generation of the future


Optimised system designed to meet customer requirements using tailored formulations and commercial scale manufacturing processes.


CCMs are the heart of PEM electrolysers,facilitating the electrochemical reactions to take place and enabling hydrogen to be produced.

How do CCMs work

CCMs consist of precisely structured catalysts typically platinum (cathode) and iridium (anode) that are applied to solid membr

Pioneering customised electrolyzer solutions

Customise our PEM electrolysers to meet different application requirements.

Our Products
Innovative CCM technology
layers for cathode (Pt/C) and anode (Ir)

Leading PEM electrolyzer technology

Our strong R&D base drives continuous innovation to further improve efficiency and performance.

Key Components
Catalyst Coated Membranes

Industry-leading 30bar stacks.

Our technology delivers the highest current density on the market

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MEA Component

Leading PEM electrolyser stack technology 

Continuously validated and tested to deliver leading performance and life cycle

Key Components
Catalyst Coated Membranes